Wanted…one wife in a hurry!!

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I Am My Own Wife
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I had it all figured out.  I spent yesterday cleaning,doing  laundry, and helping my husband paint some molding for an addition he added to our home. I managed to get the groceries on my way back from the gym, even stopping to buy some cards   I needed to send out. I was so organized it was frightful, I mean I even had a few minutes to prune back a few shrubs and respond to email. I was certain tomorrow would be the day I could spend at the computer writing all day; something I have been wanting to do for months.

But early this morning, the dog ran out into the yard and while I was still sleeping, stepped into something not so attractive, leaving dark paw prints across the floor of the new addition, all through the kitchen, up the carpeted stairs, across the hallway and all over the bedroom as he ran in to tell me he saw some type of interesting creature, be it squirrel or woodpecker outside. I rolled over at first until I realized that something not so attractive was now leaving a pervasive odor throughout the room. Jumping out of bed, I saw the unmistakable signs of a dog who had just brought the outside in thanks to four feet.

The clean up began…first his paws, then the carpet but vacuuming alone would not work.  My husband prepared breakfast while I dressed for church, knowing when I returned I had a huge job before me. Four hours later, every spot was removed, carpets vacuumed, floors scrubbed and while I was at it, the dog bathed. Then I realized  the dog had crawled into the master bathroom and hid while I was throwing a tirade this morning and that those white rugs in the bath room would need laundered. Shortly after one load was in the washer, I realized it had been several days since I watered any of the beautiful flowers still blooming on my front porch and that I had an appointment for an oil change ten minutes before I dashed out of the door! By the time I was back home, it was time to start dinner and  that was when I realized it’s difficult to make a casserole when two of the key ingredients are missing. I might have opted for pizza, had I not already begun the preparations. Back to the store and  two ingredients and45 minutes later, dinner was cooking.

Of course, now I was feeling guilty, as the sun was going down, seeing the dog who loves me unconditionally  with no clue how much of a day for myself, or lack of it was his fault, longingly hope a  walk or at least some play in the yard would be coming.  “Okay,” I said, “Now I feel like I did when I had kids at home and I just wanted to sit down and have one good hot cup of tea and a  large eyed urchin would look at me winsomely reminding me  I had promised to bake cookies”…so out to play we went.

Dinner came off uneventfully. I managed to write the cards  I needed to put into the mail in the morning…now finally NOW, I am going to write…but my energy and creativity plummeted like the coffee cup whenever I knocked it over onto the floor and instead of the blissful respite I was hoping it would give me while I typed it delivered  reason  for still  more carpet clean up and to be honest, it’s nearly my bedtime anyway.

Sure, I can be creative. I can write and develop a platform and market and maybe even earn some money but first I have to get a wife. You know, someone who will let me be all that I can be while doing all  I need to do.  Yeah, that’s what I need.  First thing in the morning, I am wife hunting…well, after breakfast, work, dinner, dog, more laundry…

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  1. kathy, what a great post. Sounds like my life…

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