W.I.F.E. what does it mean?

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2010 at 2:07 am

The status box I check on applications that gather information on an applicant is Single.  Checking that box indicates that my single status, more than likely, exempts me of being a wife.  

Not so….I am a W.I.F.E in every sense of the word. 

What qualifies me, you and many others  the role of wife, regardless  of the status box checked, be that of single, married, windowed, divorce,  or unknown?

Why do We Need A Wife

Simply because we respect and appreciate all the wonderful, endless, important, essential, life changing roles we play as Women.  

If you can identify with this acronym 


Involved in

Family and

Everything Else

I now pronunced you WIFE! 

There may come a day,  God-willing, that I may be known as Mr. So and So wife but today I am already a Wife.

Got to go…..time for this Women Involvement with my Family and Everything else.

Live Your Life by Divine Design!

Darlene Sheardon



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