Running In The Bathtub

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2010 at 12:45 am

Here’s one of my all time favorite counselor stories. I was teaching a kindergarten class about safety rules and I asked the students for some examples. I got the usual; wear your seat belt in the car, stay seated on the bus, don’t run in the halls etc. Then I called on one little girl who told me in her most serious voice to “NEVER… EVER… RUN… in the bathtub.” This is the reason I work in an elementary school.

Actually, I think that running in the bathtub is a pretty good analogy for how crazy and out of control our lives are today. We have more ‘time-saving’ devices than ever before, we have more ways to stay in touch with family and friends , we have microwaves and pre-packaged this and that to speed up everything and yet most people I talk to are OVERWHELMED and TIRED. I’m not sure if we need a wife or if we need to downsize our lives to the point where they are slower, less complicated and simpler. Maybe we need to quit running in the bathtub and start using the tub as it was designed. Relax… Refocus… Soak it all in…

Lynne Watts

  1. Running in the bathtub is indeed a wonderful analogy, Lynn. I loved it. I just responded NO to an invitation this morning to something I knew is just another distraction to my writing and my focus. I am getting better at just saying no to things that do nothing but keep me busy. Being too busy is NOT something to be proud of. Keeping focused and accomplishing your goals IS! Thanks for this reminder!

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