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I know what you are thinking.  “I wish I could have the life of the trophy wife; every whim fulfilled, every wish granted.” No, that’s not the real trophy wife.  That’s more like replica of a life that screams, “It’s all about me or at least it should be.” That is not really a trophy wife as much as a symbol of a conquest that is over but still is a conversation piece, much like a mounted deer on a wall, “Yeah, I bagged it while hunting caribou in the Northwest territory.” and then the conversation goes on to more pertinent things.

I know some real trophy wives. They are prizes few people deserve. These are the women that raise children much like single women while their husbands travel or spend the better portion of their days building a career. These are the women that pack lunch after lunch for years to save a few dollars. They may be taking care of a handicapped child, or an aged parent. They may forfeit their free time to make sure there is dinner on the stove, homework attended to and clean underwear in the drawer. These are the women that deserve a trophy for their dedication to running a household  as though it were a small business, making it productive regardless of what little resources there might be to work with.

Housewife in the Kitchen of Her Mobile Home in...
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I know some trophy wives who have sacrificed to help a struggling child succeed or who have opened up their homes to take care of not only their own children, but those of relatives or friends who have fallen on hard times.  I know trophy wives who are watching a parent, their own or their spouse’s diminish daily because of dementia. These women provide companionship, encouragement and a lifeline to individuals who don’t even recognize who they are.

I know trophy wives who juggle nighttime feedings and daytime staff, who read briefs during the day and Dr.Seuss at night. I know ones who drive themselves to chemo before the grocery store. I know trophy wives who pray for their husbands success and their children’s well being while dealing with difficult in-laws. I know women who should easily get a trophy for all they do as a wife, mother, sister, grandmother and.

I am proud to know these trophy women.  I am humbled by the way they handle whatever life throws on their doorstep. Chances are you know some trophy women too.  Society may have its own definition for what constitutes a trophy wife, but anyone who watches these women in action, know the real title should go to every woman who has lifted her family up and dedicated herself to helping others reach their potential.

Ladies…you know who you are. You have performed admirably  in your roles. You have out-shined the competition. You deserve a trophy…and a day off!

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