All I Want for Christmas Is…

In Christmas on December 6, 2010 at 5:33 pm

christmas aftermath
Image by cafemama via Flickr

I am more grateful every year at the holidays than the year before.  I had good intentions as I know my fellow writers did of writing a great blog for Thanksgiving listing all the wonderful things we are thankful for, but…you know the story…too much to do, too few wives to help us :>)

Actually, I am grateful for all the modern appliances that helped make Thanksgiving day so much easier. From microwaves and convection ovens to indoor plumbing and the bullet food processor. But while all those “things” do make food preparation a little easier, the best part of Thanksgiving will always be spending it with friends and loved ones, being grateful for their presence in our lives, and of course, the stuffing.

So here I am amid boxes of Christmas decorations, waiting for the next batch of Christmas cookies to be done and hoping to squeeze in some time to write Christmas cards remembering that when my children were small and they asked what my favorite holiday was, I would always respond, “December 26!”  It was…the cooking and baking were completed or at least what was going to get done, was, the frantic searching for the latest greatest toy had ended, the gifts for loved ones too far to travel to see had been mailed, the parties had been given and attended, the Christmas programs and concerts had all been done,  the decorations had been up and were maybe already coming down due to some rambunctious  child or pet, the church services were complete, the last minute gifts bought and the house cleaned and beds made for company all in the past. The Christmas dinner was over, dishwasher emptied 2-3 times daily and a home full of content was apparent.

This same will be true this year…I love the season but most women would love a wife this time of year. It is hard enough to get the house cleaned, do laundry, help with homework, make your personal appearances at activities you are expected to attend, get shopping done and meals on the table everyday, add extra baking, buying gifts, decorating, sending out greetings, attending Christmas programs and hosting company to it and it is enough to make you need TWO WIVES! but regardless, everything will somehow get done.

On December 26, I will look at a tree a bit disheveled from one of the visiting puppies curiosity, a cookie or two dropped in the sofa cushions, wrapping paper stuck to the bottom of slippers, a wreath on the ground because I ran out of thumbtacks and I don’t want to admit my husband was right when he said, “Use a nail, not a glue gun.”, and a trash can and dishwasher that need emptied 24/7. I will see my childrens’ faces  laughing just to be all together, my husband relaxed and not thinking about his job or the next project and the chaos in my home will be just what I was hoping for. I will settle in knowing all is right with the world, holding a huge mug of cider, maybe still in my jammies and basking in the thought that it was another Christmas holiday well enjoyed when I will feel something under my feet and I will retrieve a dozen or so Christmas cards which have escaped from my pile one night while trying to address them and falling to sleep mid way. (I knew when I mailed them the next morning that pile seemed thinner). I also will realize that since I never told anyone to pick them up, like so many things on the floor, they remain until the clean up fairy (me) comes. So, if I missed your card…you’ll get it sometime in January or February or okay, maybe in May when I have time to stop and buy stamps.

oooh…gotta run, oven is smoking. Forgot about those cookies!  I NEED A WIFE!


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