New Year, New Challenge, New Service

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Okay, I may be just a tad bit late on that point as we are at Day 24 of the New Year, but it is still relatively new as far as old goes! At any rate, I am so excited at the prospects that a new year holds. There are so many new experiences to enjoy and so many enlightened moments to be had. The anticipation of the New Year really makes me overly giddy. As with every new thing, there are new opportunities to be had, and with new opportunities come new challenges.

Okay – when I stop to ponder the thought of “new challenges”, I must admit truthfully that I have mixed emotions. One side of me says “new challenges” can equate to new problems and setbacks. That does not excite me much. But the other side of me says “new challenges” can equate to new adventures, journeys and new enthusiasm. Now, that’s more like it; I like the thought of that.

But when it all boils down, my middle-of-the-road, common sense side says “new challenges” mean new hurdles to master, new obstacles to challenge and defeat, and new experiences to be had in new lands never journeyed to before. That is the best of both sides; some good, some bad, but all growth. Part of that new growth will involve people encountered along the way and the knowledge and experiences that can be shared to help in their growth as well. So as I reflect on the New Year’s prospects, I can see that along with new challenges come new ways to serve.

What do I mean by “serve”? Well, that’s simple. Service, as it relates to others, is one of the most basic acts of humanity afforded mankind. At its simplest level, it does not require lots of riches, education or intellect. All it requires is a heart. Not any heart, mind you, but a heart to give, share and love others. No special tools required there. Now how much more basic can you get? This New Year brings with it a renewed challenge for each of us to find ways to serve in some capacity each and every day. I do believe that in doing so we open our eyes, mind and hearts to live out our purpose in service.

Now doesn’t the thought of that make you tickle pink?

by Kimberley Wiggins



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