Welcome to Opinionated Women Everywhere Who Write, Read and Start a Fire

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Welcome to the Blogger Ball Redux and She Writes Bloggers.  Thanks to Meg Waite Clayton who blogs at 1st Books

I became a member of She Writes before I had any blog going and with the encouragement of fellow She Writes colleagues, this is one of several I write. We Need A Wife is a very special blog because not only is it about what women really think, know, face and are up against, because it is a joint endeavor from bloggers around the country who met and clicked, talked and planned, became friends and started a blog about what we all know best…what it is like to be a woman!

Welcome to our site. We’d love you to follow and offer suggestions for posts. Who knows, we may be offering guest posts sometime . We hope you like what you see, because we really like who you are…and who we are…women, opinionated, reading, writing and ready not just to cook, but to start that fire!

We Started A Fire

Image by Heo2035 via Flickr

  1. Loving the redux…it’s introducing me to so many great blogs out here. I was inspired to start blogging from our She Writer community as well. It’s changing my life. Thanks for being here…


  2. Hi there! found you on She Writes. I love your blog. My inner feminist loved it even more. I will be back! Thanks for this initiative!

  3. Greetings from the Blogger Ball at Meg Waite Clayton’s blog.

    The name of your blog gave me a chuckle because it’s a sentiment I’ve expressed to my husband more than once: I need a wife, too! Somehow, we never did anything about it. ;>

    Thanks for linking at Meg’s blog. I’m glad you did.

  4. Am loving the blog~) Wondered here from She Writes.

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