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I wondered if it might be appropriate to use this blog to post my request for a scholarship to She Speaks, a conference held in North Carolina, which I have wanted to attend for several years. For more information see Lysa Terkeurst

Then, I realized We Need A Wife is a perfect venue because I write these posts with incredible women who were strangers less than six months ago and who all believe we have  God given talents we were designed to share. Encouragement and support from one another help all of us to reach our dreams and We Need A Wife addresses  specific issues women everywhere face; how do we truly use our gifts effectively, while still being a wife, mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, employee, employer and friend to the people in our lives? It’s difficult enough to be responsible, unselfish and focused in any one of those roles, let alone many.


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Woman have certainly been there; Inventors of multi-tasking,  we have prepared dinner or prepared tomorrow’s presentation while nursing a baby,organized a birthday party or earned a degree while rocking a cradle, kissing a boo-boo or helping with homework. We know our families feelings almost before they experience them and when any one of our family hurts,we hurt. We go the distance even when we think we cannot go another inch.We know how to go from sweats to presentable in less time than it takes  most people to brush their teeth. We mentally compose our grocery lists, sales quotas and sometimes even thoughts to God in the shower, on the freeway or in the wee hours of the night whenever we should be having the rest we couldn’t wait to get all day.

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We give but we don’t give up.We have often dealt with broken promises, heavy hearts, unrealistic expectations and incredible odds, realizing the back  burner was where our dreams survived until we would permit them the time, energy and resources we had for everything else.

Nobody insisted we sacrifice so much, but being divinely wired for compassion, gentleness, grace and love, we automatically know what our loved ones need before they ask and we give generously to others quite often before we meet needs of our own. Nobody tells us to feel guilty for pampering ourselves, taking time off  to reconnect with our souls, seizing opportunities to support our girlfriends or even just doing nothing for awhile… but we do. Woman can be envious, jealous and sometimes even catty but we also have a measure of unselfishness that is amazing.

Society makes us feel badly about everything from feeding our family a night of fast food to missing the memo on the latest styles. We are looked down on by some if we are working mothers and by others if we don’t contribute to meet the needs of our families. Women are criticized for marrying too young or chastised for waiting to long to settle down. We know what it is like to hit our heads on the bunk bed sleeping next to a frightened or sick child as well as the infamous glass ceiling when being female did not meet a company’s image. Sometimes it seems  we are expected to please everyone but barely make anyone happy. The world often puts us in  spiritual battles with ourselves.


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We often forget the image we were made in; forget who loves us unconditionally regardless of the mistakes we make, the goals we don’t always meet or the baggage we carry. We know what we do but forget who and often whose we are.

She Speaks is an opportunity to share my message and encourage others to do the same, because women connect with other women easily, as though we are born into a sisterhood regardless of our circumstances and this sisterhood identifies, remembers and knows we have most definitely been one another’s place. We have stories to share and dreams to achieve and a creator who believes in us more than we often believe in ourselves.

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While I would love to have the scholarship, I also know that another woman would as well and there are only 2 being given, but  if I am fortunate enough to get a scholarship to  go, I will also pay half the tuition($300) for another woman who wants to attend because then maybe an additional woman who might not be able to afford the entire amount can also have an opportunity. We can do more together than any of us can do separately, because, well, because, we are givers to others, divinely wired to be generous whether with hands to hold, shoulders to cry on, hugs to comfort or words to offer support.We have our weaknesses but together we have unbelievable strength!

Do you feel like somedays you really just need a wife? Maybe you just need to know you are in good company.

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Do you want to take your thoughts and words and put them into action as well? Do you have a message the world needs to hear? Check out She Speaks Conference

I so hope I will be there to meet you!


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