Goals or Chores?

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2011 at 10:34 pm

If you look at my site you will see this is my first blog in months….yes MONTHS!!

“Why”, do you ask?

Well….the dishes needed to be done, so did the laundry, Sunday school lessons prepared, I needed to walk, bike, water the plants, feed the dog, feed the cats, spread mulch, mow, fill the bird feeders, check Facebook, check email, fill the car up with gas, dust, sweep, chat with the neighbors, watch Design Star, read, spend time with hubby (he has been working 7 days a week on 2nd shift), talk to family, talk to friends, work my full-time job, go to the grocery store, eat, sleep and the list goes on. Lisa's yard that needs mowing

Makes me tired just re-reading the list.

But, how did I let MONTHS go by without blogging?

I’ll tell you, my most powerful team members convinced me that the above things were more important than working on my goals!

Team member one – my head – told me to do my chores first and then work on my goals because that is the “right” way to do it, it is more “responsible”.

Team member two – my feelings/heart – told me, “Not yet”, “Tweak it a little more”, and “You may get me (feelings) hurt”.

If you look at what I have accomplished over the last months would you be able to tell that one of my goals is post the Bible Studies I wrote?


So, why did I allow my team members to lead me in the wrong direction?

I think the answer is actually pretty simple…

They can’t be trusted!!!!

I was busy, doing socially acceptable things that have to be done.  I mean, when you read the list it sounds like I am a responsible adult with a clean house and nice yard…right?  Please notice the pictures and you will see that the yard needs mowed again and there is more mulch to be spread.

Lisa's yard

Both team members are needed, useful and usually do a pretty good job of helping me out.  When it comes to change, overcoming fear, and “thinking outside the box” though, they are not the ones who should be making the decisions.

I should be!!

I see the big picture, I see the road map, I see what I want the future to look like.   I decide what gets done!!

So, my question to you is….Who is calling the shots with your dreams and goals?

Lisa Graham


  1. This is so easy to fall into this rut!!! I fight it all the time!

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