Everyone has dreams, aspirations and plans. We are a group of women who met at a speakers boot camp. We come from all walks of life and all careers. Some of us are employed, some unemployed, some underemployed but ALL of us recognized one important factor…Regardless of what we wanted to accomplish, we would be able to meet our goals so much quicker if we had a wife. You know, someone to do the “trivia” life requires; laundry, cooking, cleaning, making beds, getting the groceries, taking everyone else to to appointments, handling the social calendar, emptying dishwashers, packing lunches, feeding the pets and helping with homework.

We love that significant others in our lives may want to change the world, but sometimes we just want you to change a diaper! We admire that your work ethic is exceptional, dedicated and driven, however, we would like you to remember what a clothes hamper is for and that toilet paper does not automatically rejuvenate itself on the roll when it is empty.

We are the leaders, speakers, writers and movers and shakers of tomorrow, but first we need to figure out what’s for dinner.

You have a life. But. WE NEED A WIFE.


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