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Hassle Free Gift Returning

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Just a few months ago many of us were celebrating the Christmas holiday season. Malls, stores and even the internet were packed with shoppers looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Immediately after Christmas, the malls, stores and the internet were packed with many people returning or exchanging gifts. Just last month, Valentine’s Day was celebrated. Many wives who received gifts also returned gifts.

Reasons for returning gifts include but are not limited to the following:

• not sure what to do with the gift

• Not the right fit

• Expectation was not met

 • Gift not valued

• Missing parts

It can be such a stressful, frustrating hassle to return gifts. I want to share with you five secrets of hassle free gift returning. By applying these five secrets you will have Many Happy Returns.

Everyone has been given a gift. We all are endowed with a gift or gifts from God that we have the responsibility to use, develop and share.

 So how do you return your gift or gifts?

FIRST – Ask the right questions. Begin by asking those who know you best (parents siblings, spouse, close friends) to help identify your gift(s). Pay close attention to activities that evoke the strongest response in you. As you identify your gifts you can ask/answer the following questions: What on earth am I here for? What will be the center, character, contribution and communication of my life?

SECOND – Value the contents of the packaging. In other words do not envy anyone else’s gift. God has a unique purpose for your life and you are the only one who can achieve it. Envy is an expression of inferiority. It is based on insecurity. Envy occurs when you don’t realize how special you are. We focus most of the time on what we aren’t rather than what we are. We tend to overvalue what we aren’t and undervalue what we are. Don’t fall into the Trap of Comparison.

THIRD – Try it on for fit. Your Gift will fit you like a hand in a glove. Gifts are things you have done well and you enjoyed doing. You have gifts and talents that are revealed when you involve yourself in various activities. As you discover your gifts, continue to groom them and learn all you can. Spend 80 % of your time developing your strengths. Spend 15% learning about your gift, and 5% of your time on strengthening your weaknesses.

FOURTH – Read and follow the instruction manual. Take time for personal development by becoming a constant learner. Whatever your passion may be, read 3 or more books on the subject. You can become an expert on that topic. Read the Bible and hold onto the promises of God. He will give you the desires of your heart.

FIFTH -FINALLY…Should the gift be returned? The answer is a resounding YES! You enrich not just yourself, but your family, your community, and the world when you are fully using your GIFTS and pursuing your dreams.

Isn’t it time to return your gift(s)?

It is Hassle Free!!

Wishing you Many Happy Returns!

Darlene Sheardon


Live Your Life by Divine Design!