About Darlene

Darlene Sheardon is a certified 212° Connection Coach; Certified Life Style Advisor (healthful living consultant); 48 Days to the Work You Love Facilitator; a professional speaker; entrepreneur and owner of NuRevelations, LLC.

Darlene is a victorious survivor of Domestic Violence. In 1989, Darlene escaped a life of Domestic Violence. Darlene’s past experiences with the various obstacles women face has compelled her to become involved in Domestic Violence organizations for women.

Darlene’s company, NuRevelations, LLC, is a faith-based organization with a mission to Empower and Motivate everyone—not just women—on how to obtain God’s Purpose for their lives through seminars and workshops that present the tools and materials proven necessary and beneficial in developing a God-centered life plan. She embraces the concept that we are created to Live Our Lives By Divine Design.

Darlene is dedicated to growth! Darlene is dedicated to positive change! Darlene is dedicated to inspiring people to cultivate the desire to pursue their own God-given course of action in their lives and career! Her satisfaction in life comes from being a servant of God and a servant to mankind!

“As I listened to Darlene speak words of information and encouragement during the domestic violence seminar, I finally made the decision to become a victor and not remain a victim.”

Contact Darlene at info@nurevelations.com or 404-285-0154

  1. Darlene, You look so elegant in your photos! Great write up!

    • It is true that it is better late than never…just reading your ccmment..thanks so much. I am attempting to try to blog again. It is a great gift to write….I admire all of you writers. Happy Holidays.

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