The longer I live the more I realize that one event, one circumstance, one experience, one   person, one defining moment can change our lives from familiar to what we never dreamed possible. Total strangers can rearrange one another’s lives. Decades ago, I was told that I should write…and often. But most of my career was spent writing reports and business plans. Now after raising three kids and a husband, I have followed my mantra, “take your passion and make it happen.”

My book, ONE MORE SERVING shares the stories of individuals who went from ordinary to extraordinary responding to their defining moment. www.onemoreserving.com I believe there is a divine plan for our lives and nothing is totally random and starting this blog with the other women, all beginning as total strangers is proof.

I have never met a dog, beach or donut I didn’t like. I love speaking at events and facilitating interactive workshops. Come visit me at my other “homes” www.onemoreserving.blogspot.com and thislittlechristiangoestomarket.wordpress.com

I believe everyone has a story and some are simply meant to be told. Who knows, maybe I’ll be telling yours next!


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