The Educator’s Coach

Education is truly my passion.  It is engrained in me and I believe that it is magical and powerful in its full glory from all aspects.  My mother was a teacher and she did not become one the traditional way.  She decided to return to school at the age of 50 to become an educator based on her drive and love for education and development of the young mind.  She struggled through many years of rearing a family of 10 kids and being a caregiver to my Dad who was incapacitated permanently due to arthritis before she was able to realize her dreams.  She is my greatest role model for mastering her passion regardless of her age.  She is a leader that rocks. 

My hope and dream is to see education rise to a level of standard in America that exceeds those in all countries around the world.  I would also love to see educators honored with the respect due to them for their contributions in leadership and mentoring of our children’s young minds.  I hail our educators as they are truly on the “front line” for our futures.  With my speaking, writing and coaching, I strive to uplift and support our educational system as I empower educators to renew, revitalize and refresh their passion for education.


Kimberley Wiggins

The Educator’s Coach
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