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Wow, you know how the older you get the younger everyone else seems?  How you look back at your life and are so confused that it  REALLY has been “x” years since you graduated high school?

Well, I woke up one day and though HOLY COW, I’m 40 years old, my life is around 1/2 way through (hopefully just 1/2 way through) and all the things I want to do, see, be, make, experience, explore….I’m running out of time!!!

At this time my husband had been laid off for about two years and I approached him with this “great” idea….I would take a leave from work and the trip we planned to do when we retired….we would take now.  Now this trip consisted of us going to Alaska via RV.   I’m thinking I’m brilliant….we are healthy, have “enough” savings, we are not taking care of elderly parents and we have time!

He looks at me like I lost my mind (a look I’ve seen many times before).   “We can’t do it now”, he says.   After some “discussion”, I figured out the “real” reason we couldn’t do it….are you ready for this?   It basically came down to this….NO ONE DOES THAT!!!

After more discussion and me explaining that, yes they do and just because they don’t doesn’t mean we shouldn’t it got me thinking.   Hmm, how many things do I do in my life because society (family, friends, society or whoever) says that is how it should be done.  Now, I have always been a bit of an arguer and one to question why things are done but this….put me over the edge!

So I started a quest to figure out what I wanted to do with MY life.  Not taking anything away from family or my other obligations….just what I wanted my life to be like. What my purpose was.

This is what I have figured out so far….

  1. I am not a puppet, no one can pull my strings unless I allow it
  2. I love writing and teaching Bible Study

I am working on a website….I still need a name for it….to promote those two things to help others.  Once I have it…you will know, the whole world will know, I’ll be shouting it off the rooftops!

Oh, and by the way….we did not take the trip….yet!  🙂






  1. Lisa, This is brilliant writing and I love the thought. Keep us up to date on your progress!

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